How to upgrade database schema built with an ORM tool?


I'm looking for a general solution for upgrading database schema with ORM tools, like JPOX or Hibernate. How do you do it in your projects?

The first solution that comes to my mind is to create my own mechanism for upgrading databases, with SQL scripts doing all the work. But in this case I'll have to remember about creating new scripts every time the object mappings are updated. And I'll still have to deal with low-level SQL queries, instead of just defining mappings and allowing the ORM tools to do all the job...

So the question is how to do it properly. Maybe some tools allow for simplifying this task (for example, I heard that Rails have such mechanism built-in), if so please help me decide which ORM tool to choose for my next Java project.


You can check this feature comparison of some database schema upgrade tools.

A comparison of the number of questions in SOW of some of those tools:

DbMaintain can also help here.

We hand code SQL update scripts and we tear down the schema and rebuild it applying the update scripts as part of our continuous build process. If any hibernate mappings do not match the schema, the build will fail.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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