Does anyone know how to write an Apple Push Notification Provider in C#?

By : Phobis

Apple really had bad documentation about how the provider connects and communicates to their service (at the time of writing - 2009). I am confused about the protocol. If anyone out there could provide a C# sample of how this is done, it would be greatly appreciated.

By : Phobis


You can use the PushSharp library in GitHub.

I am using it in all of my projects

By : shay

The best APNSSharp project available on Github. It worked for me absolutely fine in just couple of minutes!

I hope this is relevant (slightly), but I have just successfully created one for Java, so conceptually quite similar to C# (except perhaps the SSL stuff, but that shouldn't be too hard to modify. Below is a sample message payload and crypto setup:

    int port = 2195;
    String hostname = "";

    char []passwKey = "
By : Chaos

This video can help you solving your question :)
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