Should a web developer use CSS 3 when IE6 has 15% of market share?

By : marcgg

Everything is in the title : Should a web developer use CSS3 when IE6 has still near 15% of market share?

CSS3 has some impressive features that will make everything better. If you don't know about it, look up the latest smashing magazine post regarding the subject. The issue is that almost all these new features are not supported by IE6... so if you want a website accessible by all, you can't use CSS 3.

So... what now?

Wait for IE6 to disappear using CSS 2? Use CSS 3 and use hacks for IE6? Learn CSS 3 but not use it on "real life" projects?

By : marcgg


If you really feel that it is that important to still support the IE6 users then you can always have a loader page that will load one of two different CSS files depending on the browser they are using.

However, I tend to agree with recursive in that the more people that stop supporting IE6, the sooner it will go away and we won't have to worry about issues like this anymore.

CSS 3.0 isn't a recommendation yet. It's still mostly in Last Call, Working Draft, or other statuses that indicate it's going to change. I suggest sticking with CSS 1.0 or CSS 2.1 with specific exemptions that clearly work on all browsers.

Additionally IE 7 and 8 don't have great CSS 3.0 support either. And they have way more than 15% market share.

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