How to sum a row contains text, and each text is equal a given specific value in google spreadsheet


In google spread sheet, Given the following:

John      5
Peter     0
Brad      3
Smith     1

Grade1    1
Grade2    2
Grade3    3
Grade4    4

Pass      5
Fail      0

I want to do the following, when I write in the same row say (John Grad1 Pass), it should sum all values of each word, so I should get "11" in this case. Below some examples:

Peter  Grade2  Fail   2
Smith  Grade4  Pass   10


How can I do this?


If the raw data is in columns A and B, and your 3 search terms are in C1:E1, then you can use:


By : AdamL

This video can help you solving your question :)
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