Find the coordinates of the Corners marked with CornerHarris method in OpenCV for python


I'm trying to find the coordinates of all the shapes that HarrisCorner method marked on my image.

I have it set up so it's marking the correct corners and showing the correct results, but I can't figure out where to find the coordinates after all is said and done. I need a list of all of the corners that are marked by this algorithm so I can find their area, center of gravity, shape, & size. Separately I have a list of all of the pixels contained within each shape, so it would be easy for me to match the coordinates with the corresponding shape. I'm sorry if this is a green question. I've been reading everything I can find. Thank you OpenCV pros!

    im = cv.LoadImage("image.jpg")
    imgray = cv.LoadImage("image.jpg", cv.CV_LOAD_IMAGE_GRAYSCALE)

    cornerMap = cv.CreateMat(im.height, im.width, cv.CV_32FC1)
    for y in range(0,imgray.height):
       for x in range (0, imgray.width):
          harris = cv.Get2D(cornerMap, y, x)
          if harris[0] >10e-06:
              temp = cv.Circle(im, (x,y),2,cv.RGB(115,0,25))

    cv.ShowImage('my window', im)
By : elena_so

The corners are the (x,y) coordinates for which your corner-ness test passes:

if harris[0] > 10e-06
By : Kenneth

This video can help you solving your question :)
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