What speech readers support CSS3 speech attributes?


Are there any screen readers out now that support CSS3 text-to-speech attributes like richness, pause or pitch? If there's competition, which one is more popular? Are there varying levels of standards compliance?


Opera is the largest browser I am aware of that has taken the initiative to support these new features. Check out this snippet taken directly from dotjay.co.uk.

The CSS 3 Speech module is currently supported in:

Opera (Windows XP or 2000 only) – support for some CSS 3 speech properties. I've quickly tested this and it mostly works! Note that some of the supported properties require a -xv- prefix to work in Opera, e.g. -xv-voice-balance: right. FireVox extension for

Firefox – support for keyword values of a few CSS 3 speech properties. However, having tested this with Firefox 3, support is currently broken (Nov 2008). Learn more about FireVox support: Technical details about Speech property support in CLC-4-TTS. Note about FireVox and Firefox: Firefox does not parse aural/speech CSS properties, so FireVox support is achieved by parsing the CSS directly.

Also check out this link from css3.info.

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