Yeoman - Current best way to use it with AngularJS & Express?

By : Kay

I am using Yeoman 1.0 beta and not interested in the express-stack branch. What, then, is the recommended/best way to use Yeoman to scaffold an Angular project within Express?

I tried running yo angular --minsafe in the root directory of the Express project (where app.js and package.json are), but Yeoman was trying to override package.json, and the Angular files didn't go into the public subdirectory properly. Also I am not sure if I can just go manually moving the Angular files around without breaking Bower and Grunt functionalities.

Would be great to have some advice, thanks!

By : Kay

This project seems to cover all of the requirements (and even has optional support for MongoDB):

I've just tried it locally and it works:

npm install -g generator-angular-fullstack

yo angular-fullstack [appname]

See the GitHub page for more info.

By : nwinkler

If you install Angular first through Bower, then add Express to package.json and run npm install - you'll have an Express server fire-up the /dist directory. (Edit app.js to route to /dist and let angular handle routing)

See this SO question for more information: Yeoman inside ExpressJS

This is a comparison of alternatives for starting an AngularJS app. Several of them involve Express too.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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