How to escape text for regular expression in Java

By : Matt

Does Java have a built-in way to escape arbitrary text so that it can be included in a regular expression? For example, if my users enter "$5", I'd like to match that exactly rather than a "5" after the end of input.

By : Matt


To have protected pattern you may replace all symbols with "\\\\", except digits and letters. And after that you can put in that protected pattern your special symbols to make this pattern working not like stupid quoted text, but really like a patten, but your own. Without user special symbols.

public class Test {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        String str = "y z (111)";
        String p1 = "x x (111)";
        String p2 = ".* .* \\(111\\)";

        p1 = escapeRE(p1);

        p1 = p1.replace("x", ".*");

        System.out.println( p1 + "-->" + str.matches(p1) ); 
            //.*\ .*\ \(111\)-->true
        System.out.println( p2 + "-->" + str.matches(p2) ); 
            //.* .* \(111\)-->true

    public static String escapeRE(String str) {
        //Pattern escaper = Pattern.compile("([^a-zA-z0-9])");
        //return escaper.matcher(str).replaceAll("\\\\$1");
        return str.replaceAll("([^a-zA-Z0-9])", "\\\\$1");

It may be too late to respond, but you can also use Pattern.LITERAL, which would ignore all special characters while formatting:

Pattern.compile(textToFormat, Pattern.LITERAL);
By : Androidme

Difference between Pattern.quote and Matcher.quoteReplacement was not clear to me before I saw following example

s.replaceFirst(Pattern.quote("text to replace"), 
               Matcher.quoteReplacement("replacement text"));

This video can help you solving your question :)
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