python web framework focusing on json-oriented web applications


I'm looking for a python equivalent of ruby's halcyon - a framework focused on "web service"-type applications rather than html-page-oriented ones. Google brings up a lot of example code and experiments, but I couldn't find anything that people were using in production and hammering on.

Failing that, what is the best web framework to use for this purpose? I'm looking for something small and lightweight, emphasising robustness and speed rather than features. Also, by speed I simply want a low latency overhead, not the ability to handle thousands of requests per second.


Based on you comment, it sounds like one of the microframeworks may be what you're looking for.

By : Hank Gay

Why not use django? You can return a json with it, so it's not a problem. At the same time, you get good, well-tested framework...

By : kender

Although I agree with @TheTXI, the best way to do it is to have the "loading..." screen visible by default using CSS, and then hide it once everything is loaded using jQuery (instead of waiting for a fixed amount of time).

See jQuery.load()... ex:

    $("body img:last").load($("#welcome-screen").fadeOut());
By : ANaimi

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