Show multiple images in same window with Python OpenCV?

By : vtokmak

I want to display original image left side and grayscale image on right side. Below is my code, I create grayscale image and create window, but I couldn't put grayscale image to right side. How can I do this?

import cv
import time
from PIL import Image
import sys

filePath = raw_input("file path: ")
filename = filePath

img = cv.LoadImage(filename)
imgGrayScale = cv.LoadImage(filename, cv.CV_LOAD_IMAGE_GRAYSCALE) # create grayscale image

imgW = img.width
imgH = img.height

cv.NamedWindow("title", cv.CV_WINDOW_AUTOSIZE)
cv.ShowImage("title", img )
cv.ResizeWindow("title", imgW * 2, imgH)

By : vtokmak


As far as I know, one window, one image. So create a new image with imgW*2 and copy the contents of the grayscale image at the region starting from (originalimage.width,0). The ROI capabilities may be helpful to you.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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