Carrying row values from MYSQL after form submission


What is the best way to carry an auto incremented ID from one form to another?

I have 3 tables (users, residences, and users_residences). I want a user to register, be added to the users table, be redirected to a form to create a residence which will add a row to the residence table and simultaneously add the the residence tabe row's id and the users table row's id to the users_residences table.

I have been playing around with uri segments but can't think of a way to store (or call) the just added user's ID for use in the second form.

I could probably use sessions to store an session id in the users table, then find the row ID from that, but it seems pretty hacky.

I am quite new to programming so feel free to tell me that I fail, but at least point me in the direction of where I can learn some of these concepts.



Well I think that first you should use Database transactions during the process. Second thing to do is to get the last inserted id inside the transaction with:




By : Pedro

You can call

 $id = mysql_insert_id();

immediately after running the insert statement to get the last id generated by the database for the autoincrement field. This returns 0 if the statement did not generate an id. This page explains in more detail.

You can then use that id on the next form

 <input type="hidden" value="<?= $id ?>"/>

In MySQL you can get the id of the last inserted row with this statement:

select LAST_INSERT_ID();

Then you can pass that value around in your forms or session for your future inserts.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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