Implement Custom AuthenticationHandler in CQ5

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By : hko19

I want to have a remote system to do the user authentication for our CQ5. I'm guessing AuthenticationHandler on a path is the direction to go. If so, how does AuthenticationHandler works in general. And, In CQ5, how I implement a Custom AuthenticationHandler? How do I go about making it an OSGi bundle (or fragment bundle) and install it into CQ5?

If possible, some code sample with OSGi manifest is appreciated.

By : hko19


I would start by looking into the jackrabbit AbstractLoginModule

I have example of a custom solution/fragment bundle that was written, but it has a lot of pieces. We were implementing stuff from Gigya (social network login).

We have a few other classes that implement the MyAbstractLoginModule. I can dig in further and get you more examples if you need. Hopefully this can get you started down the right path.

public abstract class MyAbstractLoginModule extends AbstractLoginModule {
    static private final Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(MyAbstractLoginModule.class);
    protected Session session;
    protected UserManager userManager;
    protected ValueFactory valueFactory;
    protected long tokenExpiration = 7200000L;

    public void initialize(Subject subject, CallbackHandler callbackHandler, Map
By : Woodifer

You can find a description of how the Sling AuthenticationHandler works here. Also you can take a look at the Sling FormAuthenticationHandler source for an example. You can see the details of the OSGi configuration in the POM file for the project, under the configuration for the maven-bundle-plugin.

If you just need to check passwords or sync user accounts you can use a custom CQ5 LoginModule.

By : diffa

This video can help you solving your question :)
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