How would you build report to be sent to multiple users?

By : John

I need to create a report (table like report) for 50+ users. Each one with the data for particular user has to be created and sent by e-mail.

How would you create and automate that process?

Is it possible to involve the following programs to do that task?

-Sql reporting services
-Integration services
-Other techniques?


By : John


You can use SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and with tools such as Report Builder or Business Intelligence Development Studio create your report which has input parameter UserId (and maybe few additional parameters). Then in your SQL you should write query and based on that query in SSRS generate your report. Then you can use ReportViewer control for creating a client (if you don't want to use standart report server client). This control available for Web and also for WinForms. For beginning you can read this tutorial: SSRS Tutorial

For automation you can use ReportExecutionService and method Render to get export file of your report in code behind - MSDN Render

And then send this file via email.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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