Setting properties in Adobe CQ5

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By : Kostya

I'm working on CQ5 based app, which is a whole new area for me as I was mainly working on Spring based web-apps before.

The app is maven project based on Blue-prints archetype(

Now I have a question, what is a standard approach to add some properties, that would normally go to (or alike) file in standard web-app. Properties that contain things like hostNames, accountNumbers and alike.


By : Kostya


ConfigService example may not be the best approach since the ComponentContext should only be depended upon during component activation and deactivation.

By : David

Thanks a lot to Bertrand, your answer really pointed me in the right direction.

What I did was I created .ConfigService.xml for each of my ran modes, which looks like that:

By : Kostya

This video can help you solving your question :)
By: admin