What's the best Django search app? [closed]


I'm building a Django project that needs search functionality, and until there's a django.contrib.search, I have to choose a search app. So, which is the best? By "best" I mean...

  • easy to install / set up
  • has a Django- or at least Python-friendly API
  • can perform reasonably complex searches

Here are some apps I've heard of, please suggest others if you know of any:

I'd also like to avoid using a third-party search engine (like Google SiteSearch), because some of the data I'd like to index is for site members only and should not be public.


If you are willing to use a 3rd party search engine I can recommend Yahoo BOSS and django-bosssearch.

Yahoo BOSS is a paid service, but it saves you setting up and maintaining other search software on your server.

By : Jaap3

I am searching for the same thing, as are a lot of other people. Let's hope that django.contrib.search will be added soon.

In the meantime, this is what I found:

To me, most look quite complicated and, frankly, a little daunting to implement. I'd be interested to learn what you think of these.

By : davidhund

Check out Haystack Search - a new model based search abstraction layer that currently supports Xapian, Solr and Whoosh. Looks like it's well supported and documented.

By : kpw

This video can help you solving your question :)
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