generate java domain objects from database table

By : cometta

may i know in eclipse, is there any feature that will auto generate domain objects with all table relationship properly mapped in class?

can provide me with some reference articles on this?

By : cometta


It feels like another rather common question that people always run into.

The link below links to a blog detailed enough for me to learn how to generate entities from database schema the first time.

Just in case, the following link refers to eclipse help page. This link should never expire:

I downloaded JBoss and failed to understand how it works. I think the plugin that I used is Hibernate Tools but I am not sure as I did not install any new plugin for this purpose. I am using Eclipse Luna for EE.

Hope this helps.

Telosys Tools code generator does this kind of job. It's an Eclipse plugin, it uses the database schema to create a light model that is used to generate the Java code.

There are some predefined templates available on GitHub (for JPA, POJO, Documentation, Spring MVC, etc )



Tutorials :

Templates :

By : rlopez

I use eclipse for java development, but when it comes to generating domain entities I use Net beans.

Create an EJB module, and then right click and generate entities. You need to set up the database also you can select the tables you want visually.

Regards Lyju

This video can help you solving your question :)
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