PostgreSQL Data Connection/Server Explorer in Visual Studio 2008

By : Astaar

I'm trying to find a way to browse a PostgreSQL database from the Visual Studio 2008 "Server Explorer" panel. I downloaded Npgsql but as I understand that's only a library for the code itself, not the Server Explorer.

By : Astaar


I looked for this earlier this year and found someone that on some mailing list wrote that they were working on that for Npgsql but it not yet available.

We actually discarded Npsql and now uses dotConnect for PostgreSQL instead. It is a commercial product with a free option but you have to pay to the get the Visual Studio integration.

By : HakonB

The ls command checks if it writes to a tty or to a pipe or file or other. If it writes to a terminal it makes sense to include formatting and colors else it does not (and in your case might interfere with your grep).

Maybe this hack will work (untested):

ls -l --color=always $(ls | grep -E some_regex)
By : heijp06

This video can help you solving your question :)
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