AngularJS adding ng-click in directive

By : ChruS

I'm implementing drag'n'drop directive. On drop I add a copy of element to my div and append ng-click attribute to it like this:

copy.append('<button class="close" ng-click="abc()">&times;</button>');

For example, in controller I have

$ = function () {

And it doesn't work. If I add this button on page manually it works fine.

By : ChruS


I guess that you do need to compile your new template so that AngularJS recognizes it. The docs give you a good example for how to use ng.$compile.

Cloning can be done then like so:

var templateHTML = angular.element('<p>{{total}}</p>'),
    scope = ....;

var clonedElement = $compile(templateHTML)(scope, function(clonedElement, scope) {
  //attach the clone to DOM document at the right place

This video can help you solving your question :)
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