css: avoid image hover first time blinking


I have an anchor that changes its background image when hovered with a class class-btn that contains a background-image.

When hovered, it has


When the page loads the first time and you hover this button the first time, it blinks (it takes about half a second to download the hovered image). How to avoid that blinking without JavaScript (only simple css and html is allowed)?

I tried to search Stack Overflow for the similar question, but with no luck.

Just added:

  • Should I "preload" the hovered image? How?
  • Should I play with z-index or opacity?

It happens with all browsers and thus the solution should work for all browsers.


Just change the size of the background image, instead of the source of it! So...

a.class-btn {
    background-image: url('path/to/image-hovered.jpg');
    background-size: 0;
a.class-btn:hover {
    background-size: auto;
By : Pluto

The best way to do this is to just insert the images onto the webpage and set display to none.

If they are the same dimensions, one possibility is to draw the two images directly on top of each other, with the CSS :hover class for the top image having display: none;

This way both images will be preloaded, but hovering will make the second visible.

By : asc99c

This video can help you solving your question :)
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