Access to restricted URI denied code: 1012


How do you get around this Ajax cross site scripting problem on FireFox 3?


One more solution: if all you need is the headers, you can specify "HEAD" as the method and it won't trigger the security issue. For instance, if you just want to know if the web page exists.

var client = new XMLHttpRequest();"HEAD", my_url, false);
if(client.readyState != 4 || client.status != 200) //if we failed
    alert("can't open web page");
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To update the answer (I guess, mostly for my benefit when I come looking for this answer later on), if are loading XML or something else, you can always ask the user if he will allow us to read from another site with this code:

try {
    if ("UniversalBrowserRead");
} catch (e) { 
    alert("Sorry, browser security settings won't let this program run."); 

(from the RESTful web services book) But, this only works in firefox, when the html file is loaded from local file. So, not that useful.

I came across this problem recently and it was while I as AJAX loading the local request, not cross site scripting problem. Also, Jimmy himself seems to have the same problem. This seems to be the FF security problem, this article describes the cause and the solution to access to restricted uri denied" code: "1012 problem.

Sorry, got that error using JQuery $.ajax on FireFox 3. Tried jsonp suggestion but I think that will only work with something that will serve up json. I'm trying to create a sample local html file based mashup that will pull data from Yahoo!Finance, but they are serving .csv, so I think I'm SOL. – Jimmy Chandra (Sep 9 at 17:20)

I hope you'll find it useful.

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