What is the simplest way to write web apps in Haskell? [closed]


I would like to use Haskell more for my projects, and I think if I can get started using it for web apps, it would really help that cause. I have tried happs once or twice but had trouble getting off the ground. Are there simpler/more conventional (more like lamp) frameworks out there that I can use or should I just give happs another try?

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Yesod would be a good choice, you can find O'Reilly's Yesod Web Framework Book online.

There is also Hope (link is depreciated), although it doesn't seem to have gained as much traction as HApps and WASH. However, the site has also been quiet for about a year.

The Web Application Interface, WAI, is a very nice base layer that you can build apps on top of. There are many nice libraries on hackage for routing, templating, etc that work well in combination with WAI, which is what I do.

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