Can I have TortoiseSVN auto-add files?


Is there a way to have TortoiseSVN (or any other tool) auto-add any new .cs files I create within a directory to my working copy so I don't have to remember which files I created at the end of the day?

svn add --force --auto-props [Path to check in]

Worked ok for me.


By : Jet

I would probably make a batch file, something like this (untested):

dir /b /S *.cs > allcsfiles.txt
svn add --targets allcsfiles.txt

I believe svn won't mind you trying to add files which are already versioned..

Anyway, that's probably about as automatic as you will easily get.

Yes, you can add a bat file to svn (on the installed server) so that anytime you update a particular branch, that change get mimicked.. I believe its called hooks...

I hope this is what you meant.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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