Designing a new UI for a legacy WinForms MDI application

By : DaveK

I'm working on moving a client/server application created with C# and WinForms into the SOA/WPF/Silverlight world. One of the big hurdles is the design of the UI. My current UI is MDI driven and users rely heavily on child windows, having many open at the same time and toggling back and forth between them.

What might be the best way to recreate the UI functionality in an MDI-less environment? (I've no desire to create MDI functionality on my own in WPF). Tabs? A list panel that toggles different controls?

By : DaveK


Look at 37signals and how nice their web UIs are (mostly HTML + AJAX). It's a good example of web applications that work. One of the things to remember are to make sure you don't break the web paradigm. If users want to see two things side by side, they should be able to duplicate the window and let the web browser do the windowing.

For WPF, there are a lot of new visualization paradigms. You can find some examples on the sites for various control toolkit providers: Xceed, Telerik, Infragistics. They have demo programs for the different ways they help you organize screens in an application.

When developing complex composite applications in WPF, you could also start at the Patterns and Practices Prism site. It's an InProgress set of practices for planning and developing complex composite (smart client style) applications in WPF.

multiple top level windows are easy to implement and have all the advantages of MDI - that's what MS selected for the newer versions of Office

By : Nir

Did you try GOA WinForms?

This video can help you solving your question :)
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