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Is there a good external merge tool for tortoisesvn (I don't particularly like the built in Merge tool). I use WinMerge for diffs, but it doesn't work with the three way merge (maybe a better question would be is there a way to force tortoisesvn to merge like tortoisecvs?)


After trying all of them, for me, the SourceGear is the one I prefer. The way to specify the DiffMerge from sourcegear is:

C:\Program Files\SourceGear\DiffMerge\DiffMerge.exe /t1="My Working Version" /t2="Repository Version" /t3="Base" /r=%merged %mine %theirs %base


Take a look at Sourcegear DiffMerge. DiffMerge is the compare and merge tool from their Vault and Fortress products, but they make it available for free as a standalone tool. One noteworthy feature is that it allows diffing of entire directory trees.

Edit: While DiffMerge remains a free tool, it nags for registration with a popup at least once a day (since at least version 4.2). It also states in the popup:

Select new features in future releases will also require registration, but core features and fixes will be available to everyone.

Perforce Merge Tool

Even though Perforce is obviously not free the merge tool is. It's 100x better than the default TortoiseSvn one. To integrate with TortoiseSvn set the merge tool to:

C:\Path-To\P4Merge.exe %base %theirs %mine %merged

I like this one SmartSynchronize which is free for non-commercial use

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