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It has been well established that code reviews are good, so this question is purely about the mechanics. For a dev environment centered around Visual Studio and Subversion what are the best tools for handling code reviews?

We currently use TortoiseSVN as the Subversion client. so accessing diffs, logs, etc. is fairly straight forward, but I think the process could be streamlined more by a tool that was designed for code reviews. Are there any out there?

Update: Thanks for the input. ReviewBoard looks interesting, but would be difficult to fit into our infrastructure due to the lack of Windows hosting. rietveld appears to be at a very early stage at the moment. The commercial offerings certainly look more polished and the pricing isn't bad for a tool that would be a non-trivial part of a developers time.

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On CodePlex,, there is a nice code review plugin for Team foundation server called "TFS Team Review". If you're already working in TFS2010, it's a "free" update.

By : Peter K.

If you are using SVN Subversion as your Source Safe, you can use built-in Diff Pack functionality. Creating the Diff Pack Make the changes that you want to have reviewed.

  1. Go to the root of your project in Windows Explorer and right click
  2. Click Tortoise SVN -> Create Patch
  3. Select the files you want to appear in the review. Click OK
  4. Save your diff pack to a file name that describes the changes.
  5. Viewing the Diff Pack Against Local Changes
  6. Copy the pack to the project root, if it's already there.
  7. Right click on the file
  8. Click Tortoise SVN -> Apply Patch
  9. Double click the file that you want to view in the File Patches pane
  10. When finished, close the window to avoid applying the patch to your local store.

Viewing the Raw Changes: Just double click the patch file.

By : OrahSoft

Code review tools just help you to be productive with your code review work items like navigating changes quickly using stream lined differencing, identifying issues and relating it to source code location using comment threads, tracking & responding to open issues using overlaid comment threads, creating a review context by inviting needed reviewers, tracking review status, searching across reviews/comment threads etc.

You might want to try out new web based Code Review Tool which integrates with multiple different version control systems. You can download a full featured time limited trial version to install on Windows Server or you can try out the hosted version.

Note: I am associated with the company that builds the above product.

By : Vijay

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