Importing and processing a spreadsheet on Google App Engine


I have a spreadsheet full of information and one time only I need to put this data into the Datastore by reading the rows and creating model entities out of all of the data. Each row is an entity and each column is a different property.

I am a little confused how exactly I can put the data into a form that is process-able by GAE and then what I should use to process the spreadsheet in python. I can easily move my data, which is currently in Excel, to Google Docs if that makes things easier but I am still not sure what to do from there.

By : clifgray


An easy way is to publish the spreadsheet. See this blogpost:

Another method is to download the the spreadsheet as a CSV and upload this CSV with the app engine bulkloader.

By : voscausa

This video can help you solving your question :)
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