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I've been trying to make an ajax request to an external server. I've learned so far that I need to use getJSON to do this because of security reasons ?

Now, I can't seem to make a simple call to an external page. I've tried to simplify it down as much as I can but it's still not working. I have 2 files, test.html & test.php

my test.html makes a call like this, to localhost for testing :

    $.getJSON("http://localhost/OutVoice/services/test.php", function(json){
	alert("JSON Data: " + json);

and I want my test.php to return a simple 'test' :

$results = "test";
echo json_encode($results);

I'm probably making some incredible rookie mistake but I can't seem to figure it out. Also, if this works, how can I send data to my test.php page, like you would do like test.php?id=15 ?

The test.html page is calling the test.php page on localhost, same directory I don't get any errors, just no alert ..

By : Pmarcoen


The simplest solution would be to add the below code before any output to your test.php file, then you have more flexibility with what methods you use, a standard ajax call should work.

header ('Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *');

However, use the json callback thing when your getting data from a server beyond your control.

By : Ally

Be careful with moff's answer. It's got a common XSS vulnerability: http://www.metaltoad.com/blog/using-jsonp-safely

By : drewish

It could be that you haven't got a callback in test.php. Also, json_encode only accepts an array:

$results = array("key" => "value");
echo $_GET['callback'] . '(' . json_encode($results) . ')';
// the callback stuff is only needed if you're requesting from different domains

jQuery automatically switches to JSONP (i.e. using script tags instead of XMLHttpRequest) when you use http://. If you have test.html and test.php on the same domain, try using relative paths (and no callbacks).

By : moff

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