Can Stripe supports Offline Payments?


I am using stripe for online payments but also users can pay offline (cash or check). I want to centralize all my invoices/charges in one place (stripe).

I am not sure if I can add offline payments (cash or check) to stripe or not. I guess I can if I created customers, invoices, charges with livemode=false for my live keys.

Is this feasible and will stripe accept to have some (customers, invoices and charges) with livemode=false and others with livemode=true?

If yes, should I fill fake credit card info or should I set is nil?


We don't currently support offline payments, so you'll want to look at a separate accounting system for those payments.

That said, it's totally understandable that you'd want to keep this data in one place. You might be interested in using our webhooks system to offer live updates to your accounting system without directly touching the code that creates the charge in Stripe.

By : michael

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