Am I allowed to run a javascript runtime (like v8) on the iPhone? [closed]

By : CVertex

According to this discussion, the iphone agreement says that it doesn't allow "loading of plugins or running interpreted code that has been downloaded".

Technically, I would like to download scripts from our server (embedded in a proprietary protocol).

Does this mean I wouldn't be allowed to run a runtime like v8 in an iphone app?

This is probably more of a legal question.

By : CVertex


I concur. My reading is also that DOWNLOADED scripts are not allowed. Pre-installed and user-written scripts are fine. But it is a fine distinction and IANAL etc etc.

By : schwa

Well I embedded Lua into my application already and am programming most of the login in Lua and then downloading it to my iPhone for fast iteration, but this is only intended during development. Once I ship the scripts will be placed in the source and compiled into byte-code shipped along with the app just like any other resource.

I'd say this applies to V8 aswell.

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