Client Side HTML MVC Rendering vs Server Side Rending via NodeJS


We are looking for options on our team to decide between a Angular based client side MVC approach and a server side NodeJS / ExpressJS server side render approach.

Our Angular app downloads as one index.html and makes XHR requests to populate the page. Since we need the page to be pre-rendered we have used PhantomJS to save off a copy of every page when the content changes to a location on the server. This allows support for SEO.

Are there any examples of full page backbone applications or angular applications that people can point to for us to see if others are doing this.

Alternatively are the examples of NodeJS server side rendered applications we can see in the wild.

Lastly does anyone have opinions on this sort of architecture?


My solution to make Application on Angular crawlable by Google. Used in

  1. Snapshots handled by
  2. Add rule to your .htaccess

    RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^_escaped_fragment_=(.*)$
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/snapshots/views/ [NC]
    RewriteRule ^(.*)/?$ /snapshots/views/%1 [L]
  3. Create node.js script for snapshots, and run it in terminal: node snapshots.js

    var htmlSnapshots = require('html-snapshots');
        var result ={
        input: "array",
        source: [
        outputDir: "web/snapshots",
        outputDirClean: true,
        selector: ".navbar-header",
        timeout: 10000
    }, function(err, snapshotsCompleted) {
        var fs = require('fs');
        fs.rename('web/snapshots/#!', 'web/snapshots/views', function(err) {
            if ( err ) console.log('ERROR: '   err);
  4. Make sure that everything works with curl, type in terminal

    curl\?_escaped_fragment_\=/page/about-aisel/ this should show contents of snapshot .../www/

Do not about directive for goggle and other crawlers. you app should contain meta rule in head:


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