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currently the moodle that we are using doesn't have a video plug-in.i have developed a video plug-in for moodle.I would like to add the plug-in to the Moodle software that is being used in our institution.I am new to open source. How to include the plug-in .how do i go about with the integration ,so that i am able to use the video plug-in next time i use moodle.the plug-in has been written in php


A simple way to add video to a moodle course (if you dont want to create or invest in plugin) is to create a new 'page' type resource in moodle course.

In HTML code of that page add code for embedding a video. Video can be hosted on youtube or your own CDN. For own CDN you may have to use video.js

By : iankit

Here is Moodle's official Documentation for developing a new Module:

start with the suggested template ( to wrap your code with.

You can always look inside's video plugin code ( and see how video can be implemented into Moodle. in general.

By : nadavkav

Installing plugins into moodle is as simple as copying them to the /mod/ directory. SQL tables will be written and updated.

Then you should be able to see this module on the next login.


Check if the permissions for that folder and files are correct. Check if the file version.php exists and is correct (check other modules to see how its done). Check if the directory structure is correct also.

If all else fails, I would check out some other modules that are similar to yours and mimic their setup procedure


There's not much more i can assist you with. I am sorry.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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