requirements for running sharepoint on azure

By : Bob

I am looking to get Microsoft Azure to run Sharepoint on, and I intend to use a virtual machine. Right now, I am trying to figure out what size of virtual machine to get, and how many. According to this web site:, I need a web server with 8GB of RAM and a database server with probably 16GB of RAM. But, when looking on Azure's website, I don't see anything about servers, I just see virtual machines, and SQL databases. So this is why I am wondering how many virtual machines, and what size, it will take to run Sharepoint. Thanks.

By : Bob


If it is to get a production style SharePoint farm on the current Azure preview, you would need 3 VMs of size large at a minimum: one AD domain controller, one SQL Server, and one SP2010 server.

See my experiences and recommendation for this here.

By : KjellSj

Windows Azure Virtual Machines are what you'll want to look at. Windows Azure doesn't actually provision a physical server for you; the entire cloud is virtualized. So: for a software product recommending 8GB, that would roughly equate to a Large VM size (7GB usable, 4 cores).

You can always change a VM's size later, so you may want to start with Large instead of Extra Large (XL), which provides 8 cores and 14GB usable.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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