Uploading File using googledrive api in php


I have searched on how to upload files on googledriveapi using php.I used following method


It inserts file on googledrive with the title and mimetype but it is empty.My question is how to upload actual data or content contained in the file i.e. if I want to upload the image or pdf file from my system to googledrive.How do I.Please help me on how to send actual data in $data.What that $data variable should contain.

By : trim kaur


Try this:

$service->files->insert($file, array(
    'data' => $content,
    'mimeType' => $mimeType,        

You can take a look at this example of how to insert a file (Click to PHP tab). Try to upload a text/plain file with content first, image data may need to be encoded in base64 before you can add to content.

By : KiL

There has been an update to the api and the documentation has not change accoringly. So on Claudio comment above the
"$file = new Google_DriveFile();"
should change to
$file = new Google_Service_Drive_DriveFile();

This video can help you solving your question :)
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