What are the differences between json and simplejson Python modules?


I have seen many projects using simplejson module instead of json module from the Standard Library. Also, there are many different simplejson modules. Why would use these alternatives, instead of the one in the Standard Library?


In python3, if you a string of b'bytes', with json you have to .decode() the content before you can load it. simplejson takes care of this so you can just do simplejson.loads(byte_string).

Some values are serialized differently between simplejson and json.

Notably, instances of collections.namedtuple are serialized as arrays by json but as objects by simplejson. You can override this behaviour by passing namedtuple_as_object=False to simplejson.dump, but by default the behaviours do not match.

>>> import collections, simplejson, json
>>> TupleClass = collections.namedtuple("TupleClass", ("a", "b"))
>>> value = TupleClass(1, 2)
>>> json.dumps(value)
'[1, 2]'
>>> simplejson.dumps(value)
'{"a": 1, "b": 2}'
>>> simplejson.dumps(value, namedtuple_as_object=False)
'[1, 2]'
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Another reason projects use simplejson is that the builtin json did not originally include its C speedups, so the performance difference was noticeable.

By : Coady

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