Backbone Marionette: Marionette.Application causing Require.js module load error, “'Error: Module name 'App' has not been loaded yet for context: _”


I'm trying to include the App instance to use it's event aggregator as shown here

I get an error when I include the instance in a view.

Kicking things off in the Requirejs config file, from App.Bootloader.js:

require(['App'], function (App){

from App.js:

define(function (require){

  //...requisite includes $, _, Backbone, Marionette ...

var Layout = require('Layout');

  var App = new Marionette.Application();

            main: '#view_content'

        App.addInitializer(function (){

                //... adding router etc ...    

                Backbone.Marionette.TemplateCache.loadTemplate = function (template, callback){
         , Handlebars.compile(template));


    return App;

From Layout.js:

   var View = require('folder/folder/View');
   //template contains #sub div
   var template = require('text!template.html');

   return Marionette.Layout.extend({
      template: template,
      regions: {
         sub: '#sub'
      initialize: function(){
         //wait till template is rendered in dom
          }, this)



From /folder/folder/View.js:

define(function (require){

      //...requisite includes $, _, Backbone, Marionette ...

     var App = require('App');
     return Marionette.ItemView.extend({});

Where I get the error "'Error: Module name 'App' has not been loaded yet for context: _"

Any ideas? Lemme know if you need more information.


user1248256 is correct. I had the same problem. My App needed a controller and my Controller needed App.

By passing in the controller (view for your code) as part of options I don't have to add it to the require.js definition.

define(function(require) {
    var   $                 = require("jquery"),
        _                   = require("underscore"),
        App                 = require("app/App"),
        PublicRouter        = require("routers/DesktopRouter"),
        PublicController    = require("routers/publicController");

    var options = {
        publicController  :   PublicController,
        publicRouter      :   PublicRouter



Now in App I don't have to "require" the PublicController

define(['jquery', 'backbone', 'marionette', 'underscore'],
function ($, Backbone, Marionette, _) {
    var App = new Marionette.Application();
        console.log("Creating Routers");
        App.Routers = {};
        // Connect controllers to its router via options
        // init router's router/controller
        App.Routers.publicRouter = new options.publicRouter.Router({
            controller: options.publicController

Hope that helps.


I generally think it's bad practice to use the app's EventAggregator when using requireJS, if for no other reason than it's really easy to wind up with a circular reference.

Just define a separate EventAggregator module that can be required by App, View, and Layout, then add it to the dependencies of any module that needs it.

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