What's a good bit of JS or JQuery for horizontally scrolling news ticker


I am looking for a little bit of JQuery or JS that allows me to produce a horizontally scrolling "news ticker" list.

The produced HTML needs to be standards compliant as well.

I have tried liScroll but this has a habit of breaking (some content ends up on a second line at the start of the scroll), especially with longer lists.

I have also tried this News Ticker but when a DOCTYPE is included the scrolling will jolt rather than cycle smoothly at the end of each cycle.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


So thanks to Matt Hinze's suggestion I realised I could do what I wanted to do with JQuery animate (I require continuous scrolling not discrete scrolling like the example). However, I quickly ran into similar problems to those I was having with liScroll and after all that realised a CSS issue (as always) was responsible.

Solution: liScroll - change the default 'var stripWidth = 0' to something like 100, to give a little space and avoid new line wrapping.


An Alternative solution would also be the jQuery webTicker; its very similar to liscroll however resolves the problem with the ticker stopping after the whole list completes; whilst also adding some new fancy features like; direction of movement; speed; and ability to use multiple tickers per page.

Here's 2 other solutions that seem a bit simpler to implement:

  1. newsticker
  2. News ticker (BBC style)
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