IDE-like solution for Excel formulas (Not VBA)


So, I'm making a complicated spreadsheet (mostly for fun) using some pretty crazy formulas (lots of nested if statements) and I'm wondering whether anyone knows of a good IDE-like solution for it. It just gets really complicated after a while and knowing where the parentheses close and remembering which if statement I'm in can be confusing after a while.

I've tried just pasting it in Netbeans as well as Notepad++ and that helps with the parentheses and if I white-space it right then that helps me remember which if statement I'm in, but I thought I would ask to know whether knows of a super awesome editor for spreadsheet formulas. Thanks!

Note: I know that whatever I'm trying to do could be done a million times more efficiently using VBA, but I don't want to do that and that's not the purpose of this question. Thanks anyway :)

Note 2: I doubt it'd be possible, but if anyone found me something that would do some IntelliSense-like functionality I think I'd give you like 200 reputation points or something (most likely "or something", haha). That'd be so awesome.


I used Notepad . I found that it was the best solution I could find. For any interested, here's my final formula... Kind of a mess. It was for a hourly pay spreadsheet thing I was doing for fun/experience/whatever.


This video can help you solving your question :)
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