How to avoid Out of memory exception without increasing Heap size on eclipse


I have an code which reads lots of data from a file and writes that to an excel file. The problem im facing is, when the data goes beyond the limit of heap size, its throwing an out of memory exception. I tried increasing the heap size and the program ran normally. But the problem is, there is limited RAM on my machine and if I dedicate huge space to the heap, the machine is becoming very slow. So, is there any way to free the memory after the processing some limit of data so that I need not increase my Heap size for running my code? Im relatively new to this kind of stuff, so please suggest some ideas


I think, JXL API provides such kind of limited buffer functionality.It's an open source API.

You can use DirectByteBuffer with Buffer.allocateDirect(byteSize); or MemoryMappedFile, they use memory space out of heap memory.

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This video can help you solving your question :)
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