import PHP data into Google Spreadsheet (refresh automatically)


I use a external webservice which allow me to download my data via php (the link is a .php, the download file is a .csv)

I need to add this data to a Google Spreadsheet. And then to refresh automatically (every hour if possible) to add new data from the PHP source to the Google Spreadsheet.

I can't modify the .php as its an external webservice.

So i need to write a Google Docs (Google drive now) script which get this data every hour from the PHP source.

Thanks a lot if you can help me


Well, it seems that Google Apps Script may suit you perfectly. Do you know it? I think it worths taking a look at the turtorials and guide.

If this is not the answer you were looking for, please clarify.

This video can help you solving your question :)
By: admin