Convert Wordpress theme to plain XHTML+CSS

By : Mohan

So there is a lot of posts on the internet about how to convert your XHTML+CSS theme to Wordpress, but I have a Wordpress theme and want to convert it (or un-convert it) back to just XHTML+CSS.

Has anyone done this before? Anyone know of any resources (tutorials etc.) that I can use to help me do this?


By : Mohan


You could also try this a plugin called Really Static, which generates static files for you.

By : Ben

I tried this:

wget -l2 -r -p -k -E

It works great as far as it goes, but it does not pull over images in the CSS File, so you'll need to ftp over or upload the theme files.

Also make sure you're wordpress site is using "Pretty Permalinks" so you don't end up with wacky urls like (

This might be a pretty good security measure as well. Try hacking a static site.

By : gbennett

Visit the Wordpress web page in question, right click on the page and select view source. This will give you the XHTML. You can then find the CSS by going to the files linked in the header

By : Adam Pope

This video can help you solving your question :)
By: admin