Validating AndroidManifest.xml file

By : er4z0r

I am working on a Java SE applicaiton that analyzes android applications.

Is there any schema/DTD that can be used to verify an AndroidManifest.xml? If found namespace definitions like:


But does not resolve to an acutal host so no schema file there :-(

Note: I do not want to do the validation on Android as a platform.

By : er4z0r


There are no DTD/schemas for Android XML, you have to relly on other tools which can do the validation, for example like Naresh explains.

Also see "Where are the schemas for XML files on an Android project?"

By : theomega

try aapt tool which comes with android-sdk. you can execute

aapt badge command to figure out details of android manifest xml from Android apk file

By : Naresh

This video can help you solving your question :)
By: admin