how can I troubleshoot meteor just hanging?

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By : Ketema

Hi I am trying out meteor for first time today.

my symptoms: meteor just hangs when trying to connect to port 3000 (it is listening, checked with lsof and looking at ps) a mongo instance is started on port 3002 but i can not connect to it with mongo (so perhaps neither can node ?)

background: I do already have mongo 2.0.3 installed and running (can it be a conflict?)

What can I do to troubleshoot and get meteor started ?

By : Ketema


Well, check that port 3000 is open netstat -a

try a telnet localhost 3000

Use firefox extension TamperData or any other flow analysis tools to see what's going on at the HTTP level

Have you tried to run against the bundled node and mongodb ?

This video can help you solving your question :)
By: admin