Meteor support developing on Windows

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Does Meteor support developing on Windows? I did not see any downloads or mention of Windows in the docs.

The "Quick Start" assumes you are on *Nix OS.

Meteor 1.1+: official Windows support launched on

Meteor 1.0+: there is an official Windows preview.

Meteor 0.8 and older: see

Proof, Meteor running on Windows.

Edit: See Tom's answer.

Old answer below.

No, this is not yet supported on windows. If you try to install in you will receive the following error:

Sorry, this OS is not supported yet.

As a workaround you can run a linux box in a VM and use that as a server to run meteor but still do all development from within windows. I've done this using VirtualBox to run Ubuntu with no GUI. Here's the steps:

  1. Install VirtualBox
  2. Grab Ubuntu ISO
  3. Setup Ubuntu VM using VirtualBox (just follow the wizard steps)
  4. Install samba on VM to enable file access from windows. This article was a great help.
  5. Install ssh using Ubuntu Software Center. This was helpful.
  6. Shutdown VM and run from a DOS prompt using vboxheadless -startvm "VM Name"
  7. You can then use a ssh client (I'm using cygwin) to connect to the box to run commands e.g. ssh [email protected]_ip_address
  8. Can browse and edit files using windows file share e.g. \\box_ip_address\share
  9. Can run meteor apps within local browser, just replace the localhost in the address that meteor assigns with the ip address of the box.

I just tried to install it with curl on Windows 7, and got:

Sorry, this OS is not supported yet.
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