Set Expires header for an existing S3 object using AWS Java SDK


I'm updating existing objects in an Amazon S3 bucket to set some metadata. I'd like to set the HTTP Expires header for each object to better handle HTTP/1.0 clients.

We're using the AWS Java SDK, which allows for metadata changes to an object without re-uploading the object content. We do this using CopyObjectRequest to copy an object to itself. The ObjectMetadata class allows us to set the Cache-Control, Content-Type and several other headers. But not the Expires header.

I know that S3 stores and serves the Expires header for objects PUT using the REST API. Is there a way to do this from the Java SDK?

Updated to indicate that we are using CopyObjectRequest

By : bkirkbri


We were looking for a similar solution and eventually settled for max-age cache-control directive. And we eventually realized that hte cache-control overrides the Expires even if expires is more restrictive. And anyways cache-control met our requirement as well.

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