copy-item With Alternate Credentials

By : Jason

I'm using the CTP of powershell v2. I have a script written that needs to go out to various network shares in our dmz and copy some files. However, the issue I have is that evidently powershell's cmdlets such as copy-item, test-path, etc do not support alternate credentials...

Anyone have a suggestion on how best to accomplish my task..?

By : Jason


PowerShell 3.0 now supports for credentials on the FileSystem provider. To use alternate credentials, simply use the Credential parameter on the New-PSDrive cmdlet

PS > New-PSDrive -Name J -PSProvider FileSystem -Root \\server001\sharename -Credential mydomain\travisj -Persist

After this command you can now access the newly created drive and do other operations including copy or move files like normal drive. here is the full solution:

$Source = "C:\Downloads\myfile.txt"
$Dest   = "\\\c$\skumar"
$Username = "administrator"
$Password = ConvertTo-SecureString "Complex_Passw0rd" -AsPlainText -Force
$mycreds = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential($Username, $Password)

New-PSDrive -Name J -PSProvider FileSystem -Root $Dest -Credential $mycreds -Persist
Copy-Item -Path $Source -Destination "J:\myfile.txt"
By : skumar

I have encountered this recently, and in the most recent versions of Powershell there is a new BitsTransfer Module, which allows file transfers using BITS, and supports the use of the -Credential parameter.

The following sample shows how to use the BitsTransfer module to copy a file from a network share to a local machine, using a specified PSCredential object.

Import-Module bitstransfer
$cred = Get-Credential
$sourcePath = \\server\example\file.txt
$destPath = C:\Local\Destination\
Start-BitsTransfer -Source $sourcePath -Destination $destPath -Credential $cred

Another way to handle this is using the standard "net use" command. This command, however, does not support a "securestring" password, so after obtaining the credential object, you have to get a decrypted version of the password to pass to the "net use" command.

$cred = Get-Credential
$networkCred = $cred.GetNetworkCredential()
net use \\server\example\ $networkCred.Password /USER:$networkCred.UserName
Copy-Item \\server\example\file.txt C:\Local\Destination\
By : chills42

Bringing this back from the dead again. I got around a similar credentials problem by wrapping the .ps1 in a batch file and doing the Win7, Shift + r.Click RunAs. If you wanted to, you can also use PsExec thus:

psexec.exe /accepteula /h /u user /p pwd cmd /c "echo. | powershell.exe -File script.ps1"
By : Phlebass

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