Where are the schemas for XML files on an Android project?

By : Pablo
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Where are the schemas (DTD or XML schema) for the XML files used on Android like AndroidManifest.xml or the layouts?

By : Pablo


The XML schema doesn't seem to be documented, but there is a useful list of all the layout objects and their permitted attributes here:


By : Paul

Generally, defining a namespace in XML doesn't has to be a real existing URL but just a world wide unique String (therefore one prefers using their own URLs). Of course, it's nice if this URL contains the XML-schema (or worse, DTD). It would be also very nice if someone would create Android Ressource Schemata. I could help him as a bachelor thesis in CS. - Prof. Solymosi, Berlin

The schemas don't exist as an xml file. Schemas are dependent upon what UI classes your program uses. There's a slightly better discussion here.

By : Will

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