Xcode equivalent of ' __asm int 3 / DebugBreak() / Halt?


What's the instruction to cause a hard-break in Xcode? For example under Visual Studio I could do '_asm int 3' or 'DebugBreak()'. Under some GCC implementations it's asm("break 0") or asm("trap").

I've tried various combos under Xcode without any luck. (inline assembler works fine so it's not a syntax issue).

For reference this is for an assert macro. I don't want to use the definitions in assert.h both for portability, and because they appear to do an abort() in the version XCode provides.

John - Super, cheers. For reference the int 3 syntax is the one required for Intel Macs and iPhone.

Chris - Thanks for your comment but there are many reasons to avoid the standard assert() function for codebases ported to different platforms. If you've gone to the trouble of rolling your own assert it's usually because you have additional functionality (logging, stack unwinding, user-interaction) that you wish to retain.

Your suggestion of attempting to replace the hander via an implementation of '__assert" or similar is not going to be portable. The standard 'assert' is usually a macro and while it may map to __assert on the Mac it doesn't on other platforms.

By : Tod

kill(getpid(), SIGINT);

Works in the simulator and the device.

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