How do I prevent an image from overflowing a rounded corner box with CSS3?

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If I use this code, the image isn't clipped by the div's rounded corners (resulting in the image's square corners covering up the div's rounded ones):

<div style="border-radius: 1em; -moz-border-radius: 1em; -webkit-border-radius: 1em; overflow:hidden;">
    <img src="big-image.jpg" />

Does anyone know how to get a rounded corder div to prevent a child image from overflowing?


My latest Chrome, Firefox, and Safari clip the image to the container's border-radius (as intended).

In Firefox 15, I see the image clipped when the container has {overflow: hidden}. (Clipping of child content seems to have been added in Gecko 2.0.)

In Chrome 23 & Safari 5, I see the image clipped only when the container has {position: static; overflow: hidden} and the image has {position: static}.

By : sam

The extra cropping is usually only within the margin of error of the border thickness. Just let the inner radius be slightly smaller so that the margin of error falls under the border instead of next to is

<div style='border-radius:5px;border:thin solid 1px;'>
   <img style='border-radius:4px' />
By : Matt Cook

There is also now background-clip in css3. It works in all the major browsers. The options are border-box, padding-box and content-box. In your case, I think you'll want to use padding-box.

-webkit-background-clip: padding-box;
-moz-background-clip:    padding; 
background-clip:         padding-box;
By : thomasrye

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