What kind of C++ would I have to learn to make my own OS kernel? [closed]


What kind of C++(Restate to programming) would I have to learn to make my own OS kernel? (I know I would also have to learn assembly.) EDIT*Like interrupts , keyboard driver, getting input.*

Ok everyone I made a really * 3 basic OS and would like to share it.

Here you go. http://bcsy.hostzi.com/BytOS.zip

Compile on linux

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Looking at L4Ka::Pistachio, the Haiku kernel, or Symbian's EKA2 might be a good idea, if you're interested in examples of "real" C++-based kernels that have been used as the foundations of complex, feature-laden operating systems.

I've found the latter to be well-structured and consist of very concise and readable code, but others might disagree. However, it's difficult to obtain and build at the moment (since the Symbian Foundation Websites are currently offline), although a copy is mirrored on Google Code.

That aside, I've found L4Ka::Pistachio to be one of the easiest-to-build kernels yet, but customisation and implementation of higher-level components is another manner - although Genode seemed like a promising route to quickly building higher-level components when I tested it, ages ago.

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Newos is a good C++ kernel. So are eCos, and L4. Newos is a microkernel by a former BeOS developer. L4 is also a microkernel, famous for its incredibly fast message passing. And eCos is a monolithic kernel.

The only OS of any significant size I know of that's been programmed in C++ down to "bare metal" is the AS/400 operating system OS/400 (after v3r6).

There's nothing much that prevents you from doing any OS in C++ -- especially when you recall that vanilla C is "almost" valid C++ anyway. What becomes interesting is doing new/delete at the lowest levels, because you need to guarantee no leaks and such. This leads to a need to re-implement the new functions.

I helped do v3r6, but it's been about 13 years and I don't remember the hairy details. I'm not aware of any publications on it, but if you're really interested, try writing Marshall Cline at http://www.parashift.com.

(Augh. "delete" vice "free".)

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