How to transform a WebService call that is using behaviours?


We have some really old code that calls WebServices using behaviours (, and we are having some strange problems... since they've been deprecated a long time ago, I want to change the call.

What's the correct way of doing it? It's ASP.NET 1.1


You should be able to generate a proxy class using wsdl.exe. Then just use the web service as you normally would.

While I'm not 100% sure what the Web Service behavior does, I recall it allows client-side script to call Web Services, which would make AJAX it's contemporary replacement.

Since you're using .NET 1.1 how about using Ajax.NET Professional to connect to the web services?

By : Ubiguchi

You can use the begin and end functions from the Boost range library to easily find the ends of a primitive array, and unlike the macro solution, this will give a compile error instead of broken behaviour if you accidentally apply it to a pointer.

const char* array[] = { "cat", "dog", "horse" };
vector<string> vec(begin(array), end(array));

This video can help you solving your question :)
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